Magic Gum® is Pop Rocks and pieces of bubble gum with great tutti frutti flavour.

Magic Gum® was a revolution for children in the 80s. It was like a candy of the future, of the outer space. The blue packaging with the green alien was something new and special like no other candy at that time. Still a best fast selling item Lot’s of history with and amazing future.

The range was enriched in 2012 with the addition of the new Sour Apple flavour. Currently the brand also offers also a flowpack presentation for for supermarkets as well as a number of secondary placement merchandising displays.

Both Magic Gum® and Pop Rocks® popping candy have a fun added value that appeal to children, while they bring sweet childhood memories to adults.

Magic Gum® with Pop Rocks is just that the name says, it´s magic bubble gum that pops in your mouth! It is a mix of Pop Rocks® (popping candy) and little pieces of gum.

POP ROCKS® are small pieces of hard candy that have been gasified with carbon dioxide bubbles. When these gasified sugar granules come in contact with moisture, in someone’s mouth or in water, milk, soft drinks, etc, the candy dissolves and the gas retained inside the carbon dioxide bubbles is released, causing characteristic crackling and fizzing sounds.

When eating Magic Gum®, the bubbles inside the popping candy explode in your mouth, they tingle and pop, and then you can enjoy a great bubble gum. The best experience is enjoying Magic Gum with your mouth open, so that you and your friends can hear the popping and crackling.

Magic Gum® is available in “Tutti-Frutti” flavour and in “Sour Apple” as well.

Magic Gum® is 100% gluten free

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